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Shop Update for 1/6/17: Sawing Plumb

When Gravity Just Isn’t Enough, Tips to Saw Plumb

Happy New Year everybody. In this week’s update I share a few of the things I turned for Christmas gifts, talk about some vintage tools that were given to me, and show off a wooden square I made for the Apprentice program at The Hand Tool School. I’m pretty proud about that last one. It’s sexy!

Sawing Plumb

Then I address a question from a viewer about how to keep your saw cuts plumb. Here are a few tips covered in the video:

  • Treat the cut as two parts
  • Pay Attention to the reflection
  • Don’t Forget that step back
  • Commit to the cut and use the whole saw plate
  • Start Your Cut on the Push Stroke
Sawing is probably the MOST important hand tool skill you can acquire and improve, so do yourself a favor and spend some time perfecting your technique and making yourself a better woodworker.

If you do nothing else, check out my One Step Sawing Improvement video
Or maybe this video on Ditching the Miter Box.
Or, maybe you want a saw starting exercise?

Did I Miss Anything?

Are you struggling with your saw cuts and keeping them accurate? Let me know how I can help. Better yet, if you have overcome sad sawing disease, I’d love to hear how you did it.

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