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Shop Update 9/6/16

Gearing Up to Make Edge Banding

This week I finished up the bracket feet on my Blanket Chest and I’m letting some beautiful quartersawn and mildly curly Cherry acclimate in my shop before diving into the to top of the chest.

Meanwhile based on advice from some of you on my Sapele awards plaque, I’m teetering on the edge of a precipice that I’ve skirted for years: veneer and edge banding. I have decided to create a banding for that M inlay and I’ll be building it with Holly, Ebony, and Satinwood. But first I’m waiting on the arrival of some veneer and I need to gear up for sawing my own veneer. So if anyone has tips on through dying veneer I’d love to hear it.

Finally I wrap up with a question from Derrick about Lie Nielsen vs Veritas bevel up Jack planes and the various blades that comes with them.

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