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Shop Update for 9/2/16

It’s been too long since I posted anything here and I think now that I’ve finished the Hand Tool School site redesign and the launch of the Apprenticeship program, I can get back to work on some projects for this site.

So this week I’m working on an award plaque for my day job at McIlvain lumber. I’ll be inlaying a big wireframe M into the Sapele panel and I’m still debating a bit about which species to use and just how heavy I should make the inlay. Advice and suggestions are welcome on this point, so please chime in.

I just finished tuning up a vintage Jack Rabbet plane and I’ll be putting it to the test making breadboard tenons on the Blanket Chest I’m building for Semester 6 of The Hand Tool School.

Finally, I’m preparing for the 3 classes I will be teaching at Woodworking in America in just a few weeks. That will be a lot of fun and I hope to be able to meet a lot of you there. Please come to by classes or stop me and say hi as I’m attending other classes or drooling over stuff in the marketplace.

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