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The New Workbench

It has been almost 3 months of solid work on my Roubo workbench since I completed it. I am very happy with how it has performed for any and all my work holding needs. While working on my latest project I discovered that most of my work could be improved by swapping out all the complex joinery for simple biscuits. I still have a love for hand tools and I sold off my biscuit joiner last year so I am going with a hand tool execution for biscuits from now on. True hybrid woodworking. The revelation has however highlighted some inadequacies of my Roubo and I am moving my work to my new workbench that I built this morning. I think the Spartan design and spindly appearance will complement my new found joinery techniques.

Not to worry, the Roubo will not go unused. I’m going to cut a big hole in the top and inset a bucket of potting soil so my wife can use it as a potting bench. I’m also thinking about a nice mini fridge on the bottom shelf, and the tail vise will be used to compact cans. You have to keep recycling you know. The whole thing will be finished off with a nice coat of lime green paint and it will have a place of honor in our backyard.

Happy April 1st!

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