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Video of the Steppingstone Museum Wood Shop

My buddy Dyami of Modern Woodworkers Assoc and Penultimate Woodshop fame posted a video this weekend of his trip to The Steppingstone Museum in Havre de Grace, MD where I volunteer during the summer months. In it, my colleague Wade Whitlock gives a tour of the wood shop and the many, many tools adorning it’s walls. I show up from time to time to add in some esoterica. If you like old tools this is worth a watch.

Even better, why not come visit us. The museum opens for the season on May 4th and is open Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 unless we have a special event. Opening weekend is one of those and we will have a War of 1812 reenactment going. I’ll be in the shop working as usual and welcome any visitors who want to come talk old tools and techniques. I’m also continuing my search for new volunteers for the season. The time commitment is as much or as little as you can handle and no experience is needed, though I am hoping to create a schedule of sorts even if you can only commit to a couple days a season. We can fill you in on the historical details and give you any instruction you want on using the tools. Supposedly I’m the new shop master out there so I’m hoping to build up a cadre of people who we can count on for shop coverage through the season. Contact me with questions using the button on the right of your screen.

There are hopefully some big changes going on this year as we are striving to transition from a curatorial museum with a bunch of interesting things on the wall to a living history style museum where actual work happens each day and the visitors really get a feel for the time period.

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