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Wood Talk Online Radio #79

On today’s show we’ll be discussing whether plywood has a place in fine furniture, Fine Woodworking’s new site, as well as our favorite articles, blog posts, and Wood Talk Online forum posts. Call and leave us a voice mail at 623-242-2450. You can find all three of us on Twitter as @WoodWhisperer @renaissanceWW or @MBWPodcast.

What’s on the Bench:
Marc – Guild Build, Pocket Screws, and new (old) shop.
Matt – New dust collector
Shannon – approaching the HTS final project, just finished sliding dovetails. New Federal bed commission, will try out EWT turning tools on it.

Magazine RoundUp:
Popular Woodworking – Underhill’s article on Roubo’s bookstand
Wood Magazine – March 2011 “Easy Sliders” – Nice little review of drawer slide installations.

From the Forum:
How long does it take to build an 18th Century Highboy?
Are Woodworkers Artists?

Around the Web:
Jeff Miller started his new chair blog:
Fine Woodworking’s new site:
Woodworking -News Winter Newsletter – A recall has been issued for Ryobi Recalls Cordless Drills Due to Fire Hazard & Portable Table-Saws Recalled by Ryobi Due to Laceration Hazard
Anthony Hay’s, Cabinetmaker –

Common Task Quiz:
You are making a bookshelf and it appears your shelf is too tight in the dado, what do you do?
Same question, only the shelf is too loose?
You go to do final smoothing on a board and no matter what direction you go, you’re getting tearout, what do you do??

iTunes Reviews:
I love listening to the podcast and I gave it 5 stars because that’s what Matt said to do.

ChrisH – I I don’t have an enourmous amount of time to listen which is unfortunate for me. I catch up on business trips. It is the best way to pass the time on a plane or in a car. I can’t wait to get back home and look into everything i learn from these guys. Shannon is a nice addition. This is the absolute best way to stay current on the wwww (worldwide web of woodworking). Thanks guys!!!

ibuypower – I love this Show!! Its nice they take woodworking seriously but not themselves.

DublinMark – Its nice to have another hour long podcast to block out my wife, kids, and the new Wii! Great show with lots of items of interest to any woodworker.

Will Wilson
“I really want to be a good furniture maker and am torn about how and when to use Plywood. I have used it a lot but recently spoke to a “professional” maker and he said “fine furniture” never uses plywood. Problem is if I ever want to sell this stuff for some extra scratch, I need to keep it at least on the upper end of affordable which I think will mean some plywood where it makes sense. What are your thoughts / design principles on this? Maybe you could add this to WTOL for the boys to chat up?”

Tom’s Tip – RTFM!
Get more great woodworking tips from Tom’s blog:

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