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Woodworking In America: Hand Tools and Techniques, Coverage On Demand!

Ok folks so in a little less than 2 weeks I will be heading up to Valley Forge for the WIA Hand Tools and Techniques conference. I have still to push out one more podcast on the topics from the design conference and barring any major tragedies that will be out tonight. With all of the coverage of that conference behind me I would love to hear from you my loyal listeners/readers what you thought of the coverage and what you would like to see me do differently for this upcoming conference.

Let me preface this by saying I am no longer limited by technology this time around. Since the design conference I have sold two commissions which were invested back into the show to purchase a new iphone so I can now be cool like Matt Vanderlist and Marc Spagnuolo and post video real time from the conference. I will probably continue my audioboos as I have time to get some of those random thoughts out there too. The really exciting addition to the show is my new video camera. I have been eyeballing something in the Canon Vixia line for a while now and since relentless wheel of technology has turned and released a new and improved model some of the older “obsolete” models have been popping up on ebay for a steal. Steal is just what I did and I am now the proud owner of a Vixia HFS100 that shoots in 9.8 MP resolution. What this means for all of you is no more fuzzy video and low res shots of my workshop.

The design conference was much more of an academic lecture than a hands on experience so naturally I think my coverage strategies will need to change to accommodate this hand tool conference. I still need to respect the presenters intellectual property rights by not producing full length videos so this is just now an option. I have gotten great feedback from my recap, throw in my own opinion method of reporting for the design conference so let me know if you would like that to continue or if you just want me to get out of the way and show you what happened in video.

Please let me hear from you. This promises to be a great event and I know so many people who wish they could get there so I want to help out how I can and bring to you the coverage you desire. Woodworking podcasting on demand. I will be tweeting and blogging throughout the conference so drop me a tweet or an email and say “go get some footage of that Lie Nielsen plane” or “smack Matt Vanderlist up side the head and see if he cries” and it will be done.

Of course for all of you going to the event, come find me and we will wax rhapsodic about hand tools and wispy shavings!

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