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Woodworking Speed Project

It’s 5:30 PM, you have family expected for dinner at 6 PM. Afterwards, you will be exchanging Christmas gifts.  Suddenly you realize you are one gift short!  How did this happen, you checked the list twice?

Marblewood turning blank5:35 PM, you pull a block of Marblewood off the shelf, cut it to size on the bandsaw and proceed to drill out holes at the drill press.

5:45 PM, Marblewood is chucked up on the lathe and spinning at 1200 rpm.  Shaping begins.

5:50 PM, shaping complete, sanding started at 220 grit and progresses to 600 grit.

5:52 PM, friction polish finish is applied and buffed to a high shine

5:53 PM, pepper mill parts are assembled in the blank and rushed off to the gift wrap department (my wife)

5:58 PM, wrapped, handmade gift is lovingly place beneath the tree just as family pulls into the driveway.

5:59 PM, craftsman quickly brushes chips from Christmas themed Moose sweater and hair

Dinner and holiday frivolity ensue.  Gifts are unwrapped and oohs and aahs follow. Compliments abound and abundant thanks at the time spent making such a fine gift.

“Aww shucks, it was nothing.  Just a little scrap I had banging around the shop.”

Marblewood Pepper Mill

Still wondering if a lathe would be a good idea for your shop???

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