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Woodwright’s School Day 3

Today we dealt with some odd jobs like turning our tapered spindles into octagons and moving all the rough shaped green wood into the makeshift kiln. These parts will dry into ovoid shapes at which point we will finish shaping them round.

Next was the seat. We got to work with some absolutely beautiful 20″ wide Pine blanks that was clear as a bell. Flattening and smoothing was a blast with so many great vintage tools in Roy’s shop. Then it was bow saw time to cut out the rough shape of the seat blank. Among a stack of bowsaws I picked one out that I was find out later is Roy’s personal favorite. A 1/2″ wide blade with very little set gives you a lot of control in the cut yet little room for error. I loved it! This is a 24″ frame saw and I took some measurements and sketches to recreate this in my own shop sometime soon.

At one point I looked around and saw 6 guys using compass planes! With the bluegrass music on the radio and Roy behind me telling stories and adding commentary to everything, I could not ask for a better day. Tomorrow we start drilling holes!

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