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Woodwright’s School Day One

I’m taking a class on making a continuous arm Windsor chair this week at The Woodwright’s School in North Carolina. Walking in to the school this morning was a thrill just to see all the tools and familiar projects from The Woodwright Shop TV show. And of course, Roy Underhill in the flesh. Our guest instructor this week is Elia Bizzari, famed Windsor Chair maker and student of the great Curtis Buchannan. Between Elia’s huge knowledge of Windsors and green woodworking and Roy’s huge knowledge of woodworking in general, I’m in seventh heaven!

Today was all about riving out our spindle blanks from a log. From there we squared them up into 3/4″ blanks, then shaped them to the bulb and taper shape with drawknife at the shaving horse. Working with green wood is such a pleasure and I’m looking forward to more though I must say that vanilla, one size fits all shavehorse are a bit tough on the posterior. After 8 hours “in the saddle” I’m a bit sore. I took a break to sit on Elia’s shavehorse with a custom fit Windsor seat and I can say with great certainty that this is an essential element for any shavehorse.

Enjoy the video, tomorrow we shape and steam bend the compound bent bow. It will include a trip to Roy’s mill in the woods!

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