Interview with Christopher Schwarz

Layout Square from Hand Tool SchoolIn my ongoing series of interview with the presenters at Woodworking in America 2011, I grabbed a few minutes with Christopher Schwarz. As always, Christopher was full of great thoughts and some exciting announcements of what is coming soon from the Lost Art Press. We spend some time talking about these new books then turn to Christopher’s seminars at WIA.

This is a great interview that is sure to spark your curiosity about things to comes from this Anarchist Editor Emeritus.

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  1. Steve Branam says:

    Awesome! I’m setting aside my money for Matt Bickford’s book and the Roubo translation. There are definitely some items from that I’d like to build.

  2. Jamie Bacon says:

    Nice touch with the Sex Pistols at the end! And a great interview. I’m really enjoying your interviews.

  3. Brian says:

    I think an iPad app with downloadable books is a safe bet these days. Just fire up the Lost Art Press app and view your library. For people who already bought digital editions, they could be sent a code to redeem for the App Store.

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