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shannon rogers renaissance is a project that I, Shannon Rogers, started started back in 2008 as an attempt to chronicle the goings on in my wood shop.  It started as a blog, added an audio podcast, changed to video, and now is a way of life.  On this site you will find a love of wood, hand tools, and 18th century period styles.  However, true to the name, I just can’t be tied down to one interest and you may run into many other styles, techniques, and eccentric oddities of woodworking.

The Hand Tool SchoolAfter spending so much time blogging and hearing great questions from so many of you, I decided to expand this site to include some extra features.  I am so excited by the volume of new woodworkers coming into the craft every day.  Even more thrilling is the love of hand tools and traditional techniques that is gripping woodworkers of all ages.  With this in mind I launched the Hand Tool School in 2010 where I have built up a library of hundreds of hours of hand tool instruction and step by step projects. This is self paced, any time, any where woodworking instruction that won’t require you traveling, taking time off work, or getting spousal approval 🙂

You can also find me chatting it up with my Wood Talk Online co-hosts Marc Spagnuolo and Matt Cremona every week on Wood Talk, or learn more about wood by checking out my blog for my day job at the J. Gibson McIlvain lumber company.

The pervading theme  of this site is a love of the craft and a passion for fine work.  If you like what you see, come back often.  If you want to see more, leave a comment below with a suggestion. I have plenty of ideas for future videos and projects and love to build things that you want to see.

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