Roubo Workbench

This series of posts containing videos and written articles chronicle my entire build of my Roubo workbench. From the raw lumber to my impressions after working on the bench.

Finish on Your Workbench?

Roubo Leg Vise

My Roubo workbench does not have finish on it. It has some tearout on the top. There are hide glue stains, shellac stains, chisel marks, errant auger bits holes, small saw kerfs, and even a few drops of blood. That is the finish I put on it. It is a badge of honor that this […] Read more »

Roubo: Poetry in Immobility

roubo workbench

The piece I’m dubbing my Studio Table was the first project I have completed with my Roubo workbench completely finished. After investing so much time in building this bench it was a very affirming experience to build a piece of furniture using my newest and easily most valuable tool. Granted this little Stickley table hardly […] Read more »

RWW 70 The Roubo Returns

End Vise, Roubo Workbench

Welcome back to the show. I appreciate everyone’s patience while I took a few weeks off. My new job is going great but it has kept me very very busy. Add to that helping my wife at her school and attending all of the fall musicals and recitals that go with being the husband of […] Read more »

Benchcrafted Vise Update

End Vise, Roubo Workbench

So Roubo is not yet done, but I have been giving her a workout while blowing through a bunch of small projects. Since I don’t have my leg vises up and running I have been relying solely on my Benchcrafted end vise. Maybe I have been using it in a way that it was not […] Read more »

RWW 35: Benchcrafted Vise Installation Part 1

End Vise, Roubo Workbench

This week I break everyone’s heart by tearing a monstrous hole in my beautiful benchtop. After all the weeks of slaving over grain direction, pattern, etc, I will discard it all for a big piece of metal. For those of you not familar with Benchcrafted’s tail vise, check out the link and bring a napkin […] Read more »

Roubo Stretchers

I have been working on a few comissioned projects lately so I haven’t had too much Roubo time. Feeling the pull to do some work on it, I decided I would tackle one of the simpler parts: the stretchers. As my readers may remember from my leg construction, I chose to use Chris Schwarz’s method […] Read more »

First use of Roubo a success!!

Anybody who has watched my latest podcast, episode 30, will see that I have already used my Roubo bench even though it is not done yet. After scraping the glue and some light planing to flatten the bottom in preparation for the joinery, I moved the flattened 19″ wide slab onto some saw horses in […] Read more »