Hand Tool School

Welcome to the Renaissance Woodworker’s Hand Tool School.

This is the world’s first virtual apprentice program designed to teach woodworkers and aspiring woodworkers of all levels how to work  our favorite raw material using only sweat power!  The Hand Tool School is a new approach to the traditional apprenticeship system that has been in practice for hundreds of years.  While I am not about to tell anyone that they should not use power tools.  (hey its the 21st Century!) I believe that all woodworkers should know how to work by hand because sometimes there is no better way to do it.

The Hand Tool School is structured much like a traditional brick Lie Nielsen Bevel Edge Chiseland mortar woodworking school with a season of classes that will continue to grow over time.  As a subscriber you will have access to the entire library of courses at any time, so you can work at your own pace.

Our lessons are designed so that the student can follow along and practice the techniques being introduced.  With so many ways to work wood, we will examine multiple approaches.  The emphasis on smaller tool sets and fundamental techniques will permeate the entire school

I believe there should be as few barriers to entry to this fine craft as possible and with this instruction I hope to cut through analysis paralysis and get the students building as much as possible.

The courses are all shot in HD video and will be available to watch online or for download.  Each lesson will be broken into 3 parts: instruction/demonstration, practice exercises, and an applied project.  A new lesson will be up on the site approximately every other week to give members time to try out the topic and build the applied project if they so choose.  The first “semester” of the program will be focused on the basics and here is the preliminary course layout:

  • Setting Up Shop and Introduction to Milling

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  • Sawing Fundamentals
  • Detailed Milling & Planecraft 101
  • Dados, Grooves, & Rabbets
  • Half Laps
  • Mortises & Tenons
  • Miters
  • Dovetails
  • Sliding Dovetails
  • Basic Inlay
  • Hand Milling Case Studies
  • Building by Hand without a Plan
  • Final Project Series: Hanging Tool Cabinet

I mention that this is the preliminary schedule only because I will be augmenting it with live (recorded too) demonstrations to address member questions, specialty joints, and odds and ends.  For instance the first live demonstration is a discussion on wood science and which woods make good hand tool woods.

Semester 1 Membership: $200.00

Semester 2 Membership: $150.00

Semester 1 & 2 Membership:  $250.00 save $100!

Semester 1 Membership: $200.00

Semester 2 Membership: $150.00

Semester 3 Membership: $150.00

Semester 4 Membership: $150.00

Semester 5 Membership: $150.00

Bundle and Save!!!

  • Save $75 when you buy any 2 semesters!
  • Save $100 when you buy any 3 semesters!!
  • Save $150 when you buy any 4 semesters!!!
  • Buy 5 or more and get Semester 1 for free!!!! (save $200)

Members have access to live QA sessions each month where I address questions from the chat room or questions emailed in advance.  If a member needs additional help I am only an email, Skype call, or Google Hangout away from one on one audio or video instruction!