Interview with Thomas Lie Nielsen

Thomas Lie Nielsen and IHere is the audio at last of my talk with Thomas Lie Nielsen. While visiting the Toolworks in Maine I was blessed to get a personal tour of the factory from Thomas then we adjourned to their beautiful classroom to talk about his participation in Woodworking in America. We also get to hear about his thoughts on increased competition in the tool making market, some new markets and his views on education. If you listen close and read between the lines a bit, you will learn about some of the new tools that we can expect to see soon from Lie Nielsen.

Enjoy and make sure you are registered for Woodworking in America to meet Thomas and hear more from him. If nothing else, come to the marketplace for a great opportunity to lay hands on his tools and work with them.

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  1. tony says:

    great insider view on LN’s business. I would have enjoyed an insight into him personally (what he likes to build), too. I agree that education has to be at the forefront – it drives adoption and use of hand tools. I wish there was more available on the west coast, which is about as devoid of hand tool training as Germany…

    • Shannon says:

      I asked him that Tony, and really he doesn’t have time to build anymore since he is making tools. He said he works a lot of wood but only in the testing of tools.

  2. Tom Buhl says:

    I found Thomas’ impression of European experiences and the (perhaps) budding market in Russia very interesting. I believe CS has touched on the European situation in a few of his blogs.

    From my travels, I found people from the former Soviet Union had the strongest English speaking skills of any national group. Perhaps the conflicting experience is indicative of those who travel as opposed to those staying at home (dreaming of a basement workshop).

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