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RWW #107 WoodRiver and Lie Nielsen Hand Plane Shootout

Lie Nielsen vs WoodRiver Hand Planes

This image can bring tears to any woodworker's eyes

In my last video, I walked through the out of the box test of my new WoodRiver #3 plane.  I admitted that it wasn’t fair because every new plane needs to have the blade honed and set up properly.  To prepare for this episode, I honed the blade and pit it head to head against a new Lie Nielsen #4 Hand Plane. However, I did the same thing with my new Lie Nielsen that I did with the WoodRiver: no tuning whatsoever.

I say this several times in the video but I will say it again here. This episode is possible because of my viewers. So many of you responded to the last episode by clicking and buying WoodRiver planes though my Woodcraft affiliate links that I was able to purchase this new Lie Nielsen just to pit it against the WoodRiver. Not that I needed much encouragement to buy a Lie Nielsen plane, but again, thank you for the support.

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