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RWW 43: TSDC Desk Organizer Finale

This week is the final installment of my desk organizer for The Sawdust Chronicles 30 Day Build Challenge. The judges results are in and your truly won 1st place in the amateur category. I am excited about this because I never win anything. 3 years of sitting in the schwag pile at Matt’s Basement Workshop and I haven’t won a thing!

This was a fun project for me and hopefully a turning point. I haven’t built a lot of designs directly out of my head. At most I can say that I embellished something I saw somewhere else. So with that being said I want to thank the judges over at TSDC for this opportunity to get outside of my woodworking box. I also want to thank the academy, my mom, my wife, and of course God. I remember when I was a young and naive woodworker trying to get by…

(Cue commercial music, ring the gong, and enter crook from stage right)

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