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Woodworking Safety Day 2013: Long Term Injuries

I’m going to call this episode “the old fogey” episode because I spend a lot of time complaining about a sore back and aching joints. However if you want to be working in the shop instead of sitting on the porch yelling at the neighborhood kids then there are some things to consider about how you work. Joint and muscle pain, infections from splinters, wood dust allergies, and many others are the “minor” injuries that don’t get much consideration when compared with the violent, spinning blade, blood spurting injuries. Take a look at the video below on long term woodworking injuries and let me know what best practices you have embraced to ensure you are able to keep woodworking long after retirement.

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Be safe and have fun; preferably both at the same time.

How About You?

What nagging injuries have kept you down? What could be done to prevent them? What creature comforts does your shop have to decrease the repetitive stress injuries? Please share your experience and comments below.

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