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My Shop Circa April 2013

10 years ago

I have been planning some major shop renovations for many months now. It actually started way back when I was selling off my power tools en mass. As is typical with shop design plans, it kept getting put off in favor of other things like building furniture, woodcarving, and playing with frame saws. This Sunday I was able to work with the garage door open and that signals the start of a few months of glorious weather perfect for a major shop overhaul. It also happens that I’m wrapping up several projects for this blog and The Hand Tool School so I should have the time to start renovation in about a month. That being said, I thought a short video showing the shop now is in order as a kind of “before” to contrast the “after”. Plus I just cleaned for the first time in a while and it seemed an appropriate time to film a tour. Enjoy and let me know if anyone has ideas that will make my 250 square foot space seem like 400 square feet. What was that Tardis formula again?

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