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RWW 151 Roubo Resaw Frame Saw in Action

roubo frame saw resawHere is a quick look at my dedicated resaw frame saw in action. It is based on the drawings by Andre Roubo. The blade is 4×48 and toothed at 3.3ppi. It is a monster in action but takes a delicate touch to keep it running true. The wider blade tracks very well with only minimal steering and can cut a board in half to make a panel or is great for sawing thin veneer. I have some more written on this saw’s capabilties over on this other post too.Resawing by hand has never been so easy and fun! I have built both a 48″ and 36″ version of this saw using 2, 3, and 4″ wide blades. They all have their merits for different sawing tasks but the 4×48″ blade is definitely my favorite. Semester 4 of The Hand Tool School has a dedicated lesson on resawing as well as a separate 2 part video series on building this saw and tuning the blade. Then we use it to resaw a 24″ wide piece of Walnut for a drop leaf top at the conclusion of the semester.

Frame Saw Hardware available through Artisan Iron Designs
Blades, saw files, and drill bits available through Blackburn Tools

Blackburn Tools is now also offering frame saw hardware kits if you want a simpler look without the iron scrollwork.

A huge thanks to both Vince and Isaac for working with me to make this saw a reality and for stepping up to the production of supplying hardware to my Hand Tool School members who are building this saw.

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