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RWW 176 Mortises in Thin Stock

10 years ago

Bevel Down Chisel workI’m working on a new chisel rack to go in my tool cabinet (the 4th one, more on that later) and it presents some challenges unique to working in thin stock. The material I’m using for this is 3/8 at the thickest and the joinery is kind of a fusion between mortise and stopped dado (or gain). Each element is only 3/16 deep and the sizes aren’t all uniform. So as I was cutting the joinery I decided to turn on my iphone to film it. This blend of mortise and dado means I could use a small router plane to level the bottoms, but hopefully you can see how a bevel down chisel works exactly the same way with greater flexibility. So while the process I show here is nothing groundbreaking, I hope it does illustrate how strong fundamental skills like chisel work can eliminate a lot of extra tools from your kit. Even better, it makes you a much more capable woodworker who can adapt to any situation.

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