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RWW 180 Workshop Remodel Part 4

Woodshop New Tool Cabinet WallThis is the final part of my workshop remodel. This time I will set up the new 20″ Grizzly planer and take it for a test run. I’ll do a more detailed review in the future once I’ve had time to break her in. Then I install the last of the Cherry cap moulding and start moving things into place. The key to this shop set up is nothing is permanent. I learned my lesson with fixed base cabinets!

I still have a few things to wrap up which mostly have to do with figuring out where to put some things but the basic infrastructure is in place and I can work forward from this. One of the first things will be to knock out some built in shelves in my master bedroom so I can get all the plywood out of the shop that is stacked against the wall under the air cleaner. Now that I have this more open and bright space I’m almost militant when it comes to removing unnecessary stuff from the shop. Believe me if I had room in my lumber shed for this plywood it would already be there.

I’m looking forward to my next project to get to do some real woodworking again but also to see how the shop functions during an actual project. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on that as it happens.

So what do you think of the new shop?

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