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RWW 182 Hybrid Milling

9 years ago

Grizzly planer hybrid planingHYBRID??? Did you just read that on this site? What twisted alternate dimension is this?

Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

Ok there I said it before some of you get a chance. Yes I have a power planer in my shop and this video will give you a good idea why and how well it works with my hand planes. Typically if a board is in the 5″ range in width, I will just use my hand planes to mill it flat and square. And with stock that is 4/4 or under I will do most of the work with a hand plane. But when the boards get wide and long I’m glad to have a planer around. This video shows why I don’t think a power jointer is necessary and just how quickly you can prepare a board for the planer.

Plus we get to see the new 20″ Grizzly in action on some unruly #2 Common Walnut.

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