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Shop Update 9/14/16

The Veneer Has Landed

The veneer I spoke of last week has arrived and I show it off and unbox some incredible Holly that just arrived. I’m still going to pursue sawing my own veneer but starting to think that dying my own may have to wait a bit since I know have the veneer I need to move ahead with some banding.

This week I’m also packing up some saws and heading out to Woodworking in America in Cincinnati, OH where I’m teaching 3 classes. I’m excited about all of them but I have to admit that my sawing class is probably the one I’m looking forward to the most since it will give people a chance to lay hands on some amazing saws and hopefully I can infect a few people with my love of hand saws.

Speaking of saws, I will be giving away 2 Bad Axe saws at the end of this month. Anyone who joins Apprenticeship at The Hand Tool School between this Friday, Sept 16 and Friday, Sept 30 (and any currently enrolled in the program) will be eligible to win one of the saws. In addition to a chance to win either a Bad Axe Bayonet or a Stiletto saw you will have access to some personalized coaching and a huge library of woodworking videos and a great community of like minded, motivated woodworkers ready to help. Not a bad deal eh?

Click the image below to learn more about Apprenticeship

Win a Bad Axe Saw

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