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RWW 129 Super Chute 2.0 Review

Vogt Toolworks

About 3 months ago, Tico Vogt of Vogt Toolworks sent me his Super Chute version 2 to play with and review. You may remember that I reviewed his original design back in 2010 and was really excited about it. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Tico rocks my world with some innovative tweaks to the design and has made a fantastic workbench appliance. I’m a little biased because who isn’t thrilled by free tools, but I did pay full price for the original design and if I didn’t already have that I would have snatched this one up in a heartbeat. Goes to show you that sometimes being an early adopter isn’t always a good idea because in this case version 2.0 is far superior.

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