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Woodworking in America conference: Who wants to camp out for tickets???


So any of you waiting with bated breath for the Woodworking in America updates got that excited flutter in your stomach last week when Chris Schwarz sent out a teaser email about registration opening soon. The long awaited cost for the gig was announced and it is surprisingly affordable at just over $300. I can tell you that come hell or high water, I will be there. I have already booked a room in a local hotel just in case there is a run on them soon. Now I just have to get registered before it fills up. Time to set up my virtual tent on the sidewalk and camp out for tickets. This looks to be the line up the century with so many big names in woodworking slated to be there.

I think I will want to transfer all my money to an account with no debit or check access to keep myself under control. Knowing me, in a fit of toolishness, I will walk away with Bridge City’s Jointmaker Pro table mount hand saw.

So come one, come all, just no pushing and shoving on the sidewalk campsite. Bring your guitar and we can all sing woodworking folks songs! “If had a Lie-Nielsen plane, I’d plane in the morrr-orr-ning.”

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