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Back Saws 101

Choosing a Back Saw on Fit

Fit of the handle may be the most important aspect of a back saw.  The pitch and tooth geometry is really nothing compared to making that saw an extension of your hand that is well balanced.  Today we are fortunate with so many boutique makers of saws that we can get a custom fit  that will dramatically improve your sawing technique.  I focus on the points of fit in the handle and then touch on hand angles and why you should know what it is but not obsess over it.

Back saws are designed for specific tasks and the rest of the session is focused on why tenons saws do what they do and why dovetail saws do what they do, etc, etc.

Here is My Back Saw Nest

  • 10 ppi 18" Tenon Saw
  • 11 ppi 16" Tenon Saw
  • 12 ppi 16" Carcass Saw
  • 12 ppi 14" Sash Saw
  • 12 ppi 12" Carcass Saw
  • 15 ppi 10" Dovetail Saw
  • 16 ppi 12" Dovetail Saw
  • 16 ppi 6" Dovetail Saw
  • 14 ppi 20" Miter Box Saw

Learn More in The Hand Tool School

At last count I have at least 15 videos dedicated to sawing technique and 8 videos on buying saws and saw tooth geometry in The Hand Tool School.  Needless to say, sawing is an important skill and if you want to improve and learn more, its all part of membership. 

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