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The 3 Principles of Hand Sawing

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Follow these 3 Things to Improve EVERY saw cut

I love hand sawing.  I think it is THE MOST IMPORTANT hand skill to master.  But it freaks a lot of woodworkers out and creates frustration.  The thing is when the cuts go well, everything goes well.  All the work gets easier and faster.  

I've been teaching how to saw for more than a decade now and watching the change is makes for woodworkers is so rewarding.  The joy that results from a perfect cut and how it raise the level of craftsmanship throughout a project.  Not to mention the confidence that comes from being able to split a line.  So I've thought long and hard about how to boil down all the elements of sawing into as simple an approach as possible.  

This "3 Principles" presentation has been given to more than 20 woodworking guilds around the country and I've taught it to thousands of people in The Hand Tool School.  The feedback I've gotten from it is phenomenal.  So enjoy this look at this lesson and next time you encounter an issue with your hand sawing, think about these 3 principles, address it and I bet you it will fix your problem.

Master Hand Sawing


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