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Benchcrafted Vise Update

So Roubo is not yet done, but I have been giving her a workout while blowing through a bunch of small projects. Since I don’t have my leg vises up and running I have been relying solely on my Benchcrafted end vise. Maybe I have been using it in a way that it was not intended for honestly (like edge planing 8″ wide board by standing them on edge on the benchtop) but I have been getting excellent results. I have been building small boxes a lot so my face planed stock all is in the 1/8 to 1/2″ thick range and I have covered it all using this vise.

Using the slot in the benchtop I have cut several tenons and a few sets of dovetails too. The quality of my dovetails is not the finest but trust me that has nothing to do with the vise holding ability.

I you remember I installed my vise in the late winter so it has experienced the full climate change of the mid atlantic now that we are in the summer heat and humidity. The hardware is stable and solid and I have seen no rust appear as to be expected. The only problem I have encountered was that I fit my dog block a bit too snug and now that the humidity is back the vise jammed as the dog block expanded. My tip is to remember the season when you fit the block and anticipate the movement. I made 2 or 3 passes with my smoothing plane and the block was gliding along smoothly once again.

Stay tuned for some more usage tips and photos of the vise in action as I work with it more closely. So far I give it an A++++!

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