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Chips ‘n Tips #5 Gimmie a Gimlet

Win woodworking prizesIt seems like everybody has at least one of these little twisted and sharpened pieces of wire floating around the shop. They are called Gimlets and can save your but in a tight situation. Not only do I keep some of these in my bit roll in the tool cabinet, but I have several of them in my tool tote and toolboxes for whenever I’m working outside the shop. they are indispensable when working with cut nails or screws or anything that requires a pilot hole. And they can go where drills fear to tread into the deepest, darkest recesses of dusty inside corners!

This Episode’s Winner is Jeremy Johnson

veritas saw file holderJeremy chose a Veritas Saw File Guide from the prize list. Congratuations Jeremy and make sure you check out the video I did on this great little tool for aiding in saw sharpening.
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