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Hand Tool Q&A Live: Plywood and Moulding Planes

6 years ago

Live Hand Tool Q&A

I truly enjoy this open Q&A sessions because they keep me on my toes with the wide variety of questions I get. Just to reiterate one point in the video, I will be making an effort to shorten these sessions a bit as an hour plus long video is hard to digest for anyone. Moreover the longer format makes it hard to reference the topics covered in the future. My goal remains to answer questions thoroughly and not to speed things up. I just won’t be able to field as many questions per session.

Lots of topics covered in this session but I spend the most time on setting the plane mouth, working with plywood, and discussing hollows & rounds vs complex profile moulding planes.

The Questions You Asked

  • 1:19 How wide do you set the mouth on your hand plane/position of the frog
  • 7:00 Tips for working plywood by hand?
  • 15:35 Use Fishtail Chisels?
  • 17:25 Can I use a PM-V11 blade on a vintage Stanley plane?
  • 19:52 How often do you clean your planes for rust prevention?
  • 21:50 How do I remove rust on a saw without removing the etch?
  • 26:15 How would you make something curvy without a compass plane
  • 29:35 Jointer plane: wood or metal?
  • 32:45 Good book recommendation for furniture design books?
  • 37:50 Have you resoled a hand plane with Hard Maple over Beech
  • 39:15 Should I start with Hollows & Rounds or Complex Profile planes?
  • 46:15 Did you modify your grinder to accept a modern wheel?

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