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Hand Tool Work Holding

Vises are Great But Not the Only Solution

Hand tool exert a surprisingly high amount of force, in most cases more than a hand held power tool.  But the force is predictable and as long as you restrict the movement in line with the force you can very simply hold your work.  

Vises clamp in place but rely upon squeezing the board and can often deform the shape of the board which is very bad when planing or sawing.  Using a passive stop doesn't squeeze and is infinitely stronger.  Not to mention very easy to use, "install", and dirt cheap.  

I love my leg vise for convenience and for holding power but on my workbench in my Maine shop I don't have one and have not felt myself severely inconvenienced as I can use pegs and holdfasts for all my edge work.

edge planing stop
wooden bench dogs
planing stop

Work Holding for Hand Tools that I Use

  • Planing Stop
  • Edge Planing Stop
  • Leg Vise
  • Bench Dogs
  • Paring Hook
  • Bench Hook
  • Sticking Board
  • Hold Fasts

Learn More in The Hand Tool School

The paring hook, Joinery Bench, planing stop, sticking board, bench dogs, and the edge planing stop I show are all projects I have built in The Hand Tool School.  Lots to see about work holding when you become a member.

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