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Hand Tool Q&A Sharpening a Scrub Plane

Epoxy, Saw Sharpening, Resawing & More

I'm happy to be back on a livestream and really grateful for everyone who showed up and asked questions.  As usual there was no shortage and I was not able to get to all of them in the allotted hour time.  I will be doing this again next Wednesday and will do my best to pick up on the questions I missed.  

In this Q&A we hit on quite a few things:

  • Epoxy and Wood Movement
  • Repetitive Stress and Hand Tools
  • Wood Species for Plane Making
  • Sharpening a Scrub Plane Blade
  • Retoothing a Saw
  • Frame Saw Resawing

...and I threw a few more things in there in between and in passing.  It's an action packed session.

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