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Sharpening Moulding Plane Blades

Free Hand Sharpening is the Key

The biggest issue people have sharpening moulding plane blades is that you can't stick them in a honing guide to do it.  This is the domain of free hand sharpening.  And this goes for carving gouges and even "regular" blades like skewed irons or short irons like spokeshaves.  The good news is that developing your free hand sharpening technique will make ALL of your sharpening much much easier and faster.  

Today I discuss my free hand sharpening technique and show how starting with skewed irons or spokeshave irons can be a great entry point to learn to be comfortable without the honing guide.

Then I show how to sharpen hollows and rounds and complex moulding plane blades.  This applies to your other odd shaped blades too like the carving gouges or pattern makers gouges or even your Fore and smoothing planes with a camber.  That smoothing plane camber is essential to eliminate plane tracks and is so slight that maintenance of it is best done by erasing the camber and adding it again.

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