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Hand Tool Q&A: Casework Accuracy

How to Make Square Casework

Casework is pretty much any piece of furniture we make.  Ensuring it all comes out square and parts line up is something the plaques a lot of woodworkers.  In the power tool world we batch out parts to ensure their consistency.  In the hand tool world, this is a more complicated scenario.  

When you break down your project into sub-assemblies and ensure that each sub-assembly is square you convert the 3, 4, or 5 or more parts of that assembly into 1 part.  Or a constant.  This eliminates the compound errors that really cause the casework issues.  It is rarely one bigger error but lots of tiny unnoticeable errors that add up to make that last corner not line up or the entire case not be square but a polygon. 

In this Q&A we hit on quite a few things:

  • Casework Accuracy
  • Using Patterns and Story Sticks
  • Leather Pads on Holdfasts
  • Rabbets, Grooves, & Dadoes by Hand
  • Troubleshooting Poorly Fit Dovetails
  • Shooting Planes Necessary?

I wrapped up with a tour of all the stuff you get when you buy anything at The Hand Tool School and to thank people for hanging out and asking questions I have a deal: use "rwwlive" to save 10% at The Hand Tool School

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