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How I Organize My Hand Tool Cabinet

Which Tools Do I Reach For the Most

My tool cabinet is the final project for Semester 1 of The Hand Tool School. It combines every bit of knowledge crammed into one project. Its overengineered for sure just so that I could fit every single joint from the semester into it.

It took me a long time to build my cabinet, but it took me even longer to figure out the storage inside. I kept setting up chisel racks and plane cubbies and stuff and then switch them around. I kept searching for the best way to store things in the most efficient and ergonomic way. I built projects while working from the cabinet and started to realize which tools I needed the most and refine how I grouped them and where I stored them. The result is a highly optimized tool cabinet where everything has a place and that place is specifically chosen through building projects.

This makes my cabinet not just a storage option, but as refined and efficient a tool as my workbench.

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