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How to Cut a Blind Dado by Hand

Bevel Down Chisel Work

Let's talk more about chisel handling skills.  Using the chisel bevel down turns it into a tool that can work in incredible tight spaces and have the ability to work inside curves and corners.  The blind dado in this example has not twists and turns but the same technique I show to refine the floor of the dado could be used in many unusual situations .  The key with any chisel work is always maintaining contact with the work piece or workbench so that you have stable foundation holding the chisel.  

Throw back to my previous video on sliding tapered dovetails and add in the blind component from this dado and you have another situation where the only tool that can help you is a chisel.  

So hug your chisels, they are the most capable tools in your shop.  Just don't stab yourself.

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