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How to Cut Tiny Dovetails

Cut Just Like Any Other Dovetails but...

...Pay attention to the size of your tools.  If you don't have a chisel narrow enough to fit into the baseline then it won't matter how precisely cut the dovetails are.  Also your saw needs to have a really fine set.  In the example I show in the video I'm starting my tail cuts practically right on top of each other and a tiny amount of set would alter the look of the layout.  My finished tails have a gap of less than 1/16" between them.  Additionally the marking knife you use to transfer tails to pins needs to be able to reach into the gaps between the tails.  Possibly switching to a pins first approach would make the transfer easier but think about it and the tools you will use to make sure its possible.

tiny dovetails

Really cutting tiny dovetails is the same but with less margin for error.  Your saw cuts needs to be dead on and you may just need a magnifying glass when it is time to chop back to your baselines.  

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