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iPad Wall Stand

Treadmill Runs Just Got More Interesting

Even though  my second triathlon of 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19, I'm hoping the remaining 4 will still happen in late summer and the fall.  So this means the training must continue.  But with lockdown orders in place I am doing a lot more of my workouts inside.  My Peloton bike keeps me entertained nicely with it's big screen and great classes, but my treadmill faces a blank wall.  Moreover the "helpful" ledge manufacturers put on treadmills for your tablet or book (who can read a book while running??) are set so low that they promote really bad running form that will lead to injury.  

So I need a shelf on the wall for my iPad so I can either watch the class I'm taking or Netflix or Amazon or something.  Enter this gorgeous little piece of Walnut crotch wood that I've been hoarding for a few years in my scrap pile.

A Bit of Crotch Grained Walnut Goes a Long Way

Whenever we are faced with precious wood, resawing comes to mind.  Making 2 or 3 or 4 boards from one still seems like magic to me.  What's magic is just how fast and accurately my frame saw cuts!  Love that thing!  The design is simple:  a spine that is beveled in the middle to conform to the shallow inside corner of my wall.  A dado across the spine to house the shelf, also cut to mirror the wall angle.  Then I inlay a bit of highly figured contrasting wood for some pop and a bit more support for the iPad.  The goal is to leave as much of the natural edges and angles and stuff as possible.  With this wild grain, the straight edges almost seem incongruous so I'm avoiding them if at all possible.

Skills & Techniques We Get to Use

  • Planing crotch figured wood
  • Sawing and Planing Angles
  • Sawing and Planing Long Bevels
  • Resawing
  • Dadoes
  • Blind Grooves
  • Inlaying
  • Shellac and Wax Finish

My Fitness Journey Continues

I've gotten a lot of questions in the past few weeks from the audience about my weight loss.  I haven't been quiet about it but really everything I have said has been on my Instagram account so if you don't follow me there, the weight loss may be a surprise.  The last 5 minutes of this video aims to answer all the questions I've been getting.  The short answers is you have to find an activity you love doing.  Make it fun, make it your other hobby.  And be consistent.  If you enjoy doing it the consistency shouldn't be hard.  For me it was yoga and spinning with Peloton.  Almost 3 years later and I still take at least 1 Peloton class a day whether its running, cycling, yoga, or weights, I have gotten more bang for my buck out of that service. 


If anyone is interested, I can give you a code to save $100 off a Peloton purchase.  I'm a fanboy no doubt about it.

What You need

iPad Wall Stand

  • 1 board of scrap wood approximately 8/4 x 6 x 15"
  • 1 iPad or similar brand tablet
  • 1 bit of contrasting scrap wood 3/8 x 2 x 15"
  • A Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription or maybe a Peloton digital subscription

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