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​Make Your Own Sawmill Marks for a Rustic Look

​This project actually makes me laugh because of the lengths I went to in order to make the wood I used look rustic.  But if I look at it from the point of view that it is always fun to use my resaw then I don't worry about it.  As mentioned in the video, a big frame saw is NOT necessary and a regular hand saw will work just fine and still give you the cool sawmill marks.  Still this is a simple construction that can be done in a day and the end result is really cool looking.  All kinds of joinery could be used for the corners and even wrought nails could add a nice touch to the box.  I'll let you decide how far you want to go with those bits.

The floral foam, moss, and the succulents ended up costing about $25 and all told I put about 45 minutes of work into constructing one of these boxes.  Its a fun distraction and certainly a popular interior design item because know that I'm personally aware of them, I'm seeing the living wall idea everywhere I look.  

rustic sawn boards

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