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Paul Sellers’ Woodworking Master Classes Online

Remember when I proclaimed that more premium online woodworking sites would only increase awareness and that I hope more people jump on this train? Since then 4 membership sites have come online. Now a fifth offering has just debuted and this one is all about hand tools! I’m really excited to say that Paul Sellers has just launched Woodworking Master Classes! In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, Paul Sellers is a British woodworker with over 45 years of experience who actually went through a traditional apprentice program. Paul runs the New Legacy School of Woodworking in both the UK and US, tours with The Woodworking Show, has released several books and DVDs, writes a blog, and has been all over YouTube. His experience is exactly the kind of thing we need online to cut through some of the indecision with hand tool woodworking and shed some light on the dirt simple techniques that have been lost to the generations. Head over to for a single point of access to everything Paul is doing.

Paul Sellers Woodworking SchoolPaul’s Woodworking Master Classes program will featured a 30 minute video each week and the format is project based. He is only charging $15/month and once a project is complete you retain lifetime access to it. Paul is starting out by building a wall clock and rumors are that he is doing a rocking chair next.

As usual anytime someone new enters this space I’m excited but to have another hand tool focused site is really exciting. Check out Paul’s site to watch his introductory video and get a free lesson on building a shooting board. If you’re not convinced then visit the scores of videos on YouTube. Welcome Paul!

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