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RWW 54: The Acanthus Workshop Woodworking Fundamentals 1, Part 2

In this episode I wrap up my experience at Chuck Bender’s school. In day two of the class we finished up our sanding blocks by inlaying the maple diamond and planing it flush. Then in an old school plane handling exercise we took a 1 1/4″ block and made a 1 inch diameter dowel.

After a delicious lunch and great conversation we set our minds to dovetails. Chuck took us through the joint and cut one for us to demonstrate the techniques.

From here it was “just do it” time and we went to work. Here is my goofy grin while I show off my first attempt.

And here is a closer look at my through and half blind dovetails.

It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back for another class.

Here is an added bonus. Chuck recently completed a commission for a customer of this late William and Mary period Highboy. The piece is exactly modeled after a piece on display at the Winterthur museum. This customer specifically paid for the entire piece to be built by hand as it would have in the early 18th century. Any questions about Chuck Bender’s credentials to teach woodworking???

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