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RWW 203 Panel Clamps

Panel Glue Ups So Easy, A Neanderthal Can Do It

I’ve been meaning to make a panel clamp for a while. I’ve made temporary ones before even custom cauls to fit around the dovetails of a chest. And every time I tell myself that I should make a set of really nice, reusable panel clamps. That time has come and I bought some of the Veritas hardware to do it and then built my own set of hardware with some common stuff found at the Home Depot.

In the end both methods work great at creating clamping pressure in all 4 directions around the panel and keep that glue line dead flush. Even though I plane all my panels after I take them out of the clamp anyway, these panel clamps will make that work go so much faster and most importantly, they make the glue up itself easier.

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