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RWW 64 Lathe Season is Coming

This is just a short episode to fill in the space before the next WIA conference. I didn’t want to start a new project series with WIA coming this weekend and my coverage to follow after that. In this episode I mention my plans for upcoming episodes at the lathe and 2 more project series: finishing the Roubo, and a chest of drawers.

Stay tuned to the blog for real time video and audio updates coming to you from Valley Forge and the Woodworking in America Hand Tools and Techniques conference. I will be posting full episodes with my editorial take on each seminar I attended as well as audioboo updates (you can subscribe via iTunes here for those) that will be posted here on the site as well as broadcast out via Twitter.

In addition I will try to capture some video from my iPhone that will be uploaded to YouTube and you will be able to view those clips through the YouTube widget on the home page. New posted will also be announced on Twitter so if you are not following @renaissanceWW then maybe you should 🙂

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