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RWW 121: Adam Cherubini Says Nails Are OK

Nailed Furniture by Adam Cherubini WIA 2011Here is a short audio clip from Adam Cherubini’s seminar on Nailed Furniture at WIA 2011. This was the one seminar that I sat through in it’s entirety and it was worth every second. I plan to dig into this a little further and expect to see some cut nails flying on this podcast in the coming months. Better get your stock of cut nails from the Tremont Nail company now because I think Adam may have just “Schwarz’d” their current inventory.

Enjoy this peek into what was one of the highlights of the entire Woodworking in America weekend. Thanks Adam!

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For more information make sure you read Adam’s blog over at Popular Woodworking.  In particular he has two posts about Boarded Furniture worth reading.

I hope you will join me and encouraging Adam to write more about this topic in the future.  Leave a comment and spur him on.

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