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RWW 198 Kid’s Table & Chairs

8 years ago

This year I decided to build along again with the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity build. Marc Spagnuolo put together a great design for a kid’s table and chairs set that can be build using a single sheet of plywood. I hear all the time how plywood and hand tools don’t mix so I figured this would be a good project to help set that myth to rest.

In the end, I can affirm that plywood is more difficult to work by hand in that it is slower (see my post on difficult = slow) and requires a very sharp blade and meticulous attention to the fragile face veneers. But these extra points are offset by the fact that you don’t have to do any thickness or flattening work and you can ignore wood movement completely.

This project is dedicated to my neighbor who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. I’m thinking about you Bob. If you are interested the full plans and details for this project can be found at

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