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RWW 202 The Artisanal Flyswatter

The music for this episode is a custom composed song by Underhill Rose entitled “Cut Against the Grain”

Maybe you need a flyswatter so why not build the most stylish flyswatter on the block to wow and amaze your friends?

I present the artisanal flyswatter! Its taking the world by storm for only $899.99 and sold in the finest boutiques of Paris…Texas.

Seriously sometimes you just need to build something quick and fun and this flyswatter fit the bill when my office mate and I were being pestered by a fly at the lumber yard the other day. No self respecting lumberyard can have just any flyswatter so instead I have a riven Hickory handled, Maple & Walnut (gasp) veneered work of art.

But wait! There’s more. As anyone who has watched Discovery Channel in the middle of the week can tell you, flies can sense the air currents and change in pressure of the approaching swatter so you need to cut air holes (speed holes) to lessen that effect. So like any good woodworker instead of just drilling holes, I lifted an Arts & Crafts style rose pattern from the Roycroft Shops (as one does) to create a fretwork face to this flyswatter. Yes that’s right, you can’t say artisanal without fretwork!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and silly build, but maybe picked up a technique here and there.

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