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Shop Update for 12/9/16: Sawing without a Saw Bench

You Don’t Have To Stoop to Saw

This week I answer a question from Bob borne out of my Sawing class at Woodworking in America. Bob isn’t able to bend his knee or lean on it like we would while using a sawbench. He wants to know if there is an alternate method for accurate sawing that doesn’t require the use of his knee. Not only is there an alternative, sometimes the overhand method I show is the best method when working with thin or narrow boards.

I also talk briefly about my new dust collection set up and stiffening the mobile base I’m using for my Barnes lathe.

wia sawing class

Have You Seen the Sawing Class?

The sawing class I gave I Woodworking in America that spawned Bob’s question is available to watch in its entirety. So if you have nothing better to do with your life than watch a 2 hour long class on hand saw types, tooth geometry, and usage…then you might be my kind of person.

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