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Shop Update LIVE: 2 Kinds of Tusk Tenons

Wedge or Tusk or Whatever You Call It

I got an email a while back asking about knockdown joinery and specifically tusk tenons and how to go about making them in 4/4 stock. Using 4/4 stock is no different but you do have to put some thought into how long and thick the tenons are so you have enough wood surrounding the tusk or wedge once the mortise is cut. In this live broadcast I cut 2 types of tusk tenons and compare the merits of each.

Did You Enjoy this Live Show?

I’ll be doing one of these Shop Updates Live each month and hope to answer more questions and do some demonstrations. No talking head stuff, actual woodworking. Sometimes I may do open Q&A others I may have a specific demonstration like this time. Regardless I hope you will join me.

Now if I can just figure out why the live audio sucks so bad!!! AAAAAHHHHRRRGGG Tech Gremlins!!

vertical tusk tenon
horizontal tusk tenon

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