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Shop Tour August 2020

Everybody Loves a Shop Tour

Honestly not much has changed in my shop since my last tour a few years ago.  I have added a Marquetry Chevalet and some veneer storage but the flow and position of everything is the same.  That's because I think I have the shop optimized to the point where I might just screw it up if I add anything else or move anything around.  There are minor details I suppose I could add to make some things more efficient but as I discuss in this video, the things I rarely use don't concern me much.  In fact I try to move those things out of the shop entirely to give me some more elbow room.  Don't overestimate the importance of a little elbow room in your shop to make your entire experience more efficient.  

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Most of the shop appliances and organization you see in my shop is the product of applied project from lesson in The Hand Tool School. If you want to up your hand tool game, this is the place to be.

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